Tour Packages


Most travellers to Bhutan come to experience its rich and living culture. However, there are also more specialised tours that a traveller can opt for, like trekking, spirituality and wellness, wildlife, festivals, etc. At Phuensum Norgay, we also customise tours so that you can choose a combination of these various tours, which are well suited to your circumstances and interests.


From the people’s traditional clothing, which are still worn as everyday attire of choice, to the unique performing arts or architecture, there are many elements of Bhutan’s culture that will astonish visitors to Bhutan. At Phuensum Norgay, we provide a close and personal experience of not just the physical culture, but also the people who keep it alive through interaction with people engaged in their normal routines.   


More than half the country’s landmass in Bhutan is designated as protected areas and national parks. Despite being nestled in the midst of the mighty Himalayas, mountaineering is strictly regulated because of consideration to environmental impact and social sensibilities. Therefore, trekking through the Himalayan wilderness in Bhutan is not only a once in a lifetime experience, but also a chance to discover the unexplored. At Phuensum Norgay, we do customised trek according to the interests and capacity of our travellers, and make it possible to explore some of the least explored regions on our planet today. 


Around 70 per cent of the people in Bhutan still lives in its villages. It is in this village where most of Bhutan’s indigenous cultures originated and are practiced in everyday lives of the people. Phuensum Norgay enables travellers to stay with these people in their homes, and making interaction a two way exchange of experiences and discovery. 


If you are attracted to spirituality, and are looking to find a place on earth where you can best experience it, then look no further. Both Bhutan’s built structures and natural environment promotes spirituality and wellbeing. Most of Bhutan’s infrastructure are catered for spiritual healing and development, and complement the natural landscape, which are serene and healing. 



Festivals in Bhutan are not just tourist attractions, but have meanings and important places in the people’s lives. Annual masked dance festival called Tsechu is the most popular form of Bhutan’s festivals, but there are also many more festivities which a visitor can share in Bhutan with its locals. Whether you like to be part of a big Buddhist masquerade or a local festival of games and food, you can experience them all with Phuensum Norgay in Bhutan. 


Textile is one of the specialised tours that Phuensum Norgay provide. People in Bhutan still wears their traditional costumes as everyday clothes. But the textiles themselves can vary vastly in terms of both material and craftsmanship. From plain cotton clothing to elaborately rich brocades, Bhutan’s indigenous textile is rich and noteworthy. With Phuensum Norgay, you can explore how traditional materials and artisanal methods still find relevance in everyday lives, share the experiences of the artisans and the users of their products. 

River Rafting

Hydroelectricity is Bhutan’s main revenue earner. But Bhutan’s clean and fast flowing water also provides opportunity for many water sports. River rafting is one of them. You can raft on some of the world’s least explored rivers in the world in Bhutan. This can be done either as a specialised tour in itself, or in combination with one or more of the more popular tour packages that Phuensum Norgay provides. 


Bhutan host probably the toughest one-day cycling event in the world, a gruelling 280 km event. The ‘Tour of the Dragon’ is gaining increasing popularity among both professionals and cycling enthusiasts globally. At Phuensum Norgay, we provide cycling tours for all levels of fitness. The specially designed tours enable visitors to either test their endurance, or let them enjoy riding along pristine Himalayan landscape and experience life-changing interaction with the nature and local populace.  

Bird Watching and Wildlife

Bhutan is home to some of the most endangered flora and faunas. From Royal Bengal Tigers to Asiatic elephants and rhinos, there are many wild life in Bhutan, which are either native to this country, or have sought safe refuge in its protected areas. Whether you are seeking to see some of these big animals before they become extinct forever, or whether you want to experience exploration of still unexplored species in the wilderness, Bhutan is a place of choice which Phuensum Norgay brings to you. 


Tourism and photography go together. However, whether you want your pictures to be professionally taken as you explore a once in a lifetime destination in Bhutan, or whether you want to take pictures of a most unique place on this earth, you can choose to come to Bhutan. Phuensum Norgay provides photography tours with professional local photographers to guide you at every step of your travel through Bhutan’s amazing landscape, which is home of a unique people and their culture. 

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